Eddie Murphy, Rhianna, Jay Leno.... Oh My!

 I took to the Hollywood Hills this week to seduce the snake of a road that is Mulholland. I usually start at the East side off of the 101 and Cahuenga Blvd. Being a Monday, traffic was kind and I made my way up the horizon with downtown LA peaking out from behind the morning smog. I didn't have a plan on how far I was going to ride, but I did want to get my climbing legs fired up. Riding along Mulholland, I was passed by an oncoming Jay Leno in a retro drop top while I spun past the houses of Eddie Murphy and Rhianna. I'd post a picture of Rhianna's mailbox but that's not too exciting.

I rode out towards the 405 but dropped down Benedict Canyon which is a long winding descent surrounded by houses the size of small hotels. You'll never truly know what or who await behind the gated fences, just know it's someone far more famous than you.

Once I was at the base of Benedict Canyon, I made a quick left onto Sunset. Sunset can be busy on the slowest days, so I quickly started my way back up to Mulholland by heading up Clearwater Canyon. 

All and all it was a 43 km day on one of the most iconic highways in California. The temperature peaked 91 and the climbing was over 2,500 feet in less than 2 hours. I'm happy for that and glad I got to break free from my local bike paths, even if for only a day.