Strava Heat Maps? What Roads have I attacked in Cali since 2014?

As most of you know, Strava has added the "Heatmap" feature to its landing page. The more traveled roads you'll see red compared to blue. When I first started riding in 2008 with my trusted CCM Falcom mountain bike, I started off in Ontario Canada. I then moved to Vancouver, British Columbia the Summer of 2010. I stayed there until 2014 when I relocated to the Greater Los Angeles area.

Once moving to the USA, I had been blessed with great year round riding. I was able to travel and ride in Vegas, Palm Springs, and parts of Arizona. By no means am I satisfied with the tourist cycling I've undertook, but rather I am excited for the next adventure. Where it may be, who knows.

Lets focus on SoCal. Obviously my main city will hjave darker map lines, but I feel I've covered a lot of ground these last 6 years. I miss the days of my long 120km rides from SCV to LBC, but that just means new adventure is around the corner.

Have you ridden in my areas? If so, please leave a comment of your favorite route or coffee stop.

Till next time..... Shane