The Hell with Bowen Island - The Island of no Descents

    Although Christoph and I have never met, we have both died on Bowen Island, and our souls remain trapped on this hellish Island 20 minutes from Vancouver's mainland. Christoph is the mastermind behind Bowen Island Man, but let me first introduce you to the Island.

    I first organized a cycling trip with a bunch of friends to this Island. Never being there previously I felt the ride from Stanley Park to Horseshoe Bay's ferry terminal would be a nice change of pace. A quick 20 minute ferry ride and we were Island bound. No matter which left or right we took while on the island, we were faced with a gradient that rivaled the most seasoned climber. Soon we learned that the Island is alive and ever evolving. After every climb you'd think you'd be greeted with some leg recovery descents. That is simply not the case. After every climb you find yourself at the base of the next climb. I think we encountered 3 asthma attacks, and far more bee sawrmings. 

Although this was one of my favorite day trips with great company, we did lose a few good men on this day. This soul sucking Island doesn't turn boys into men, but rather it turns men into boys.

I stumbled upon a new @bowenislandman Instagram account and I was intrigued. Please see below as to what I found out.

Bowen Island Man is not a man. But it's Canada's worst ride. A ride for all riders tough enough to enjoy an awful day in the saddle. Right on Vancouver's doorstep. 


Bowen Island Man is not a man. But it's Canada's worst ride. Suffer like a dog and learn to hate cycling like never before. Put yourself on the leaderboard and brag to your wimpy friends.
This ride is for all riders deranged enough to enjoy an awful day in the saddle. It's Greater Vancouver's awful new classic.
The Route

Ride almost 130km and climb more than 4000m. That's half an Everest! Prepare to die a death by 1000 cuts. Steep cuts. Up to 28%, to be precise.

No rhythm, no shoulders, more potholes than you can count. Dangerous gravel patches, countless suicidal deer, and did we mention the steep ramps?

The worst pics: