Team Sky Hydrodynamic Chain Lube

 For those that thought all chain lubes were created equal, think again. Muc-Off, in partnership with Team Sky, has designed a "go to" chain lube for those riders that know that their bike is more than just a bike and are willing to care for it as such. Proven effective at the World Tour level, Team Sky and Muc-Off have found "incremental gains" in a winning lubricant.

We all know that friction and wear and tear on components can be a costly situation; a good lube can protect only as well as it is applied. What Muc-Off has done is created a petroleum free, ultra-efficient, low-friction chain lube and paired it with a tool to help you make sure you've lubed up thoroughly. With the in-package ultra-violet light, you can meticulously inspect each link after applying the UV-dye infused lube to see if the main points on the chain have been penetrated.

I have been cleaning and lubing my bike chains for years and thought I had been doing a pretty decent job. This lube is easy to apply thanks to it being thicker out of the bottle and the pipette style nozzle. Well, I hit the torch and was blown away to see nearly half of my chain's contact points not glowing under the ray of ultra-violet light. It took a few more applications and verifications, then I wiped down and had my chain perfectly lubed.

After a few rides in varying conditions, I see the chain hadn't attracted any extra dirt or grime compared to other lubes I've used before. The chain runs smoothly over the chainring and cassette and the lube seems to be lasting longer.

Hydrodynamic lube is certainly pricier, and you do have to work more to get the most of it, including fully degreasing your chain before first use and planning for Muc-Off's suggestion to apply it four hours prior to a ride. Still, I recommend it to any enthusiast looking for a premium chain lube to prolong the life of their costly components and for a job well done.