39g Premium Bluetooth Speaker by Noxgear

This little portable Bluetooth speakers packs a punch! It gets its name from being only 39 grams and can either clip onto a backpack, belt, or you can use it’s magnetic mounting and attach it to virtually anything. Being magnetic you can also slap it on the side of a fridge or car if you’re outside.

Let’s get into some specs;

-          15-hour playback battery life

-          2.8 hours to charge fully

-          Bluetooth 4.2

-          Headphone jack for private music or calls

-          IP64 waterproof rating

-          Magnetic Clip

-          Standard Clip

-          Auto Power Off

-          12-month Warranty

-       I have always liked Noxgear’s products, so when I saw this, I knew I needed to have it. Shipping was fast, and customer service is always friendly and supportive. I tested this out on a 3-hour bike ride in the mountains. I mounted it to the front of my upper right jersey, connected to my phone, and headed out deep into the mountains. The connection was seamless and I was paired with a click of the button. I streamed stored music from my phone and the volume on this thing is exceptional. So much that it would work as an outdoor speaker at a family gathering. There is absolutely no lag, and the 4.2 Bluetooth did a great job keeping my streaming stable. The 39g allows me to enjoy music, while being able to be aware of my surroundings.

It comes with a belt clip that you can use to attach to a belt, article of clothing or even a hydration pack. The best way to mount this is to use its backing clip and magnetically attach it to an article of clothing. You can basically move this around your clothing to your desired location. Rest assured that it will stay in place once you mount it. I hit some pretty bumpy roads during my test, and needless to say, it did not move at all.

For the price, this is my “go to” activity speaker. Charging is a breeze with a micro usb port. The possibilities of using this speaker are endless.

Click below for a full video review

39g by NoxGEAR Video Review