Rhodium Cycling 900L Bike Light

Rhodium Cycling – “Sunlight for your Ride”

I have always been a collector of bike lights, especially since daylight savings kicked in and darkness falls well before 5pm. I stumbled across a Youtube video of a local mountain bike ride that featured bright lights and local structures that sparked my interest. I immediately started researching the lights and found out that local mountain biker James Voshell was the brains behind the design and functionality.

I quickly headed over to www.rhodiumcycling.com and reached out to James. It was interesting to know that James created Ethos Components back in 2015 and has continued to perfect his invention. The new Drive 900L is his latest creation branded as Rhodium. James designs and builds these lights in California and has honed in his 3D Printing, CNC Machine, and Coding skills to create the perfect light for any situation.
The Drive 900L is only 82 grams making it the perfect light to mount to your helmet without the added weight putting strain on your neck. The 900L refers to 900 Lumens and is IP-7 Water Resistant, 2 discipline cycling modes for Road or Mountain and an abundance of modes in between.

The first mode is Mountain Biking / Trail. It has three solid beam modes which are low, medium, and high. The runtime is 8 hours, 3 hours, and 1.5 hours respectfully. There is a 4-quarter battery gauge on the backside of the unit which allows you to gauge how much sunlight you can ride with.

Now here’s the cool part. Hold down the tail power switch for 5 seconds and this will switch it to road mode. The road mode has 5 distinct settings to keep you visible and riding long after the sun goes down. It has Day Flash, Night Flash, Light on with Flash, Low and High Beam. The “On with Flash” was by far my favorite mode while riding at night. The steady beam lit up my way, and the flash allowed oncoming objects to be aware I where I was. To switch back to Trail mode, simply hold the power back down for another 5 seconds.

The micro USB charging port has a quick charge capability to charge 0-80% in 2 hours. When charging, there will be a red led light on the tail of the unit, and it will extinguish once fully charged. A full charge will take 4 hours.

Now let’s get into my experience with the Rhodium 900L. I rode with 2 units. One was mounted on my handlebars with the universal mount, and the other was mounted on my helmet. The handlebar mount was quick to install and stayed in place. Having both lights allowed to cover the road ahead as well as any direction that I looked. Rhodium Cycling also offers a GoPro mount so you can attach it basically anywhere you would mount a GoPro. I went for an hour ride, and I kept both beams on high. When I returned back home the battery gauge still indicated about 50% life left. This to me is amazing. The design is very attractive with machined front and tail sections with a Carbon Fiber skinned middle. When I returned home, I simply popped the 900L out of the universal mount and used it to take my dog for a walk. The uses for this lightweight ultra-bright light are endless.

Kudos to the Rhodium Cycling team on the design and functionality of this little light. If you have been debating on getting lights, or even upgrading, do not hesitate to check them out. Pricing will range from $74.99 - $94.99 depending on which mounting option you go with.