Stasher’s Adventure Bags

I had the pleasure of reviewing two bags from the Stashers Lineup. The first was the New Stashers 3.0 Modular Insulated Adventure bag which fit perfectly on my handlebars, as well as the longer Stashers 3.0 Modular Insulated Adventure bag which keeps all things cold mounted to your top tube.
Shipping was fast, and service was friendly. The quality of these bags was something that I had not seen before when it came to bike bags. The attention to detail and finish was superb. They arrived with a spill proof, food grade removable liner for easy clean up which is a bonus when you’re bombing down the trails. The material used is a durable waterproof tarpaulin with extra tough waterproof zippers for ease of opening while on the open trail. Currently they come in many different colors to suit your preference or bike design.

I used the New Stashers 3.0 Modular Insulated Adventure bag while exploring around my city. The wide Velcro straps made it a breeze to fit almost anywhere on my bike and kept it securely fixed to my handlebars. It was great for keeping my wallet, keys, phone, snacks, tubes, and a windbreaker on longer rides at arm’s reach. Now let’s get to the part where they mention the following on their website;
“Fits cans with coozies on them, Pint Cans, Tall Boys, Bombers, Water-bottles, Bidons and many Wine Bottles. So I assume you know I had to try these features out.”

The biggest test came when I went cycling with Stashers in Mammoth Mountain California. I planned a leisurely ride through the forest and knew I would become thirsty for something more than water along the way. I packed the Stashers with my favorite beer chilled, without any ice packs, and set off for an adventure. It was about an hour into the ride where I decided it was time to enjoy a pint. While cycling, I was able to open the stasher up, retrieve my IPA, close it back up and continue my journey with a tasty treat. Having a canned beer in a bag for an hour with the sun beating down on it had me concerned that I may be drinking warm foam. That was not the case at all. The Stashers bag had mounted so securely, and kept the beverage insulated, I was able to down a cold one while collecting miles and passing beautiful scenery.
The New Stashers 3.0 held 2 cans perfectly. While testing the longer Stashers 3.0, the ability to fit much more is endless. 3 cans, 4 cans, tallboys, full bottles of wine? Imagine riding the countryside only to stop to take in the view. You unzip your Stasher and retrieve a chilled bottle of vino and imagine you’re in France mid-July.
I must applaud the Stashers team. They have made bike bags and burrito bags fashionable and functionable again. I would not hesitate to recommend this brand to anyone looking to rid their jersey pockets of unwanted gear, or to simply cycle with cold beverages with them. Remember, “Life’s a Journey”, enjoy the ride.