California Open Space Cycle

My wife and I have been hitting the pavement on our road bikes for way too long. It's been awhile since we threw in some mountain biking exploration. Saturday morning we strapped the fat tires to the Ford and we headed over to Haskell Open Space. We've only ever hiked this area and we had stayed on the flats.

It started off on loose sand and quickly came to a crazy step elevated path. So much that we had to make the hike up with the bikes. You;ll find out later there's a paved road around this climb maintained my the LA Public Works Yard. Once we got over the hump, we were greeted with leg-ripping rollers that always seemed to have a positive incline. We powered out for a solid hour and a half with grades hitting 9%. You know you climb a ton when your out is 1.5 hours and your back is less that 30 minutes.
Luckily we found a relaxing spot to enjoy the views. Pretty sure I needed to shower at least 5 times for even looking at this chair.

We turned around and powered down over the dry loose sand and headed back to home base. We didn't rack up a ton of mileage during this ride, but i got the heart rate up in the 170's and it took more effort that a 3-4 hour road bike ride.