Velofix to the rescue!

     Do you know what Phil Gaimon and Shane Yorke have in common? We are both part of the Velofix family. Oh, and we ride bikes, like a lot.

         I've been so busy and focused on solo rides and commuting that today I was able to get out for my first group ride. There was a great turnout with an even greater group of riders or the CBS Saturday ride. As riders joined the Peloton along the way to Castaic, the pace held made it feel like no effort was needed at all. We powered out to Castaic Lake and started the long climb up Ridge Route. The weather was perfect, and traffic was noticeably minimal for a Saturday, After our up, and up, my wife and I turned around at Templin Highway due to babysitting constraints. We turned around, and headed to the all famous "Peet's Coffee House". Once there, riders from every direction seemed to trickle in.

       A friend of ours found himself with a flat tire upon arrival at the coffee house. I offered some patches and my tools. When he questioned where my second tyre lever was, I replied, "I only use one". That might have been the wrong thing to respond with. Before I knew it, he glanced at my Velofix jersey and I found myself scouring his tire for the culprit. Alas, I found the glass that had snuggled its way through the tread and into the tube. A quick scuff, a patch, and my CO2 had him ready for the road in no time at all.  The thing bout Velofix is that when you need service, we drive to you. I never really thought about a cycle service until today. :)

       I wanna thank Rod for the picture, and the opportunity to beat my wife's "Flat Tire Repair Time". Along with Paul Chi
a for organizing a great Saturday group ride.