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CyclingMOFOS MOFO50s Review

I received this wheelset directly from cyclingMOFOS, and I am impressed with every detail put into the production of these wheels. I’ve always considered myself a “Cycling MOFO,” and now I get to ride a product from a great company that shares my views and passion.

CyclingMOFOS wheels are built in a wide variety to satisfy your customizable craving. Starting at the rims, they range from a shallow 38mm to 50mm and 60mm, all the way to an 88mm for those triathlons that you want to smash. You’ll find 20 aero spokes on the front and 24 on the rear; select from three different spoke options when you create your order. You also get to choose from three hub options, from the good Novatecs to premium DT Swiss. The icing on the cake is that these fully customizable wheels are shipped worldwide for free, and are expected to be headed to your front door within 10-14 days.

I received the 50mm deep, 23mm wide carbon clincher wheelset with Novatec sealed bearing hubs and CX-Ray aero elliptical spokes. These things looked wonderful and spun true right out of the box.

The color combo complimented my bike beautifully, and with the company logo laid underneath the clear coat, I’ll proudly show my MOFO pride after years of gnarly rides and abuse. I’ve ridden many wheelsets over the years, so I was interested in carefully examining the quality and finish from a wheelset that comes with a price tag at a fraction of the cost of “high-end” market wheelsets, such as my trusty Reynolds Assaults. I eyed the wheels closely, and aside from grabbing my grandfather’s magnifying glass, was unable to find one imperfection with my MOFOs.

The co-founders of cyclingMOFOS, Martin and Tony, are riders who wanted the best bang for their buck. They spent many hours researching the perfect manufacturer to partner with in order to bring value, reliability, and integrity to the consumer. Unlike the bigger guys, cyclingMOFOS allow you to choose the color of your decals for that ultimate custom bike feel.

When your new MOFO wheels arrive in the mail, you get everything needed to get riding right away. They come complete with lightweight titanium skewers, rim tape, carbon-specific brake pads, and valve extenders.

The boys at cyclingMOFOS stand behind their wheels and offer a four-year warranty against material and workmanship, as well as a two-year crash replacement program. I felt a lot of assurance from their full breakdown of the 8 critical safety inspections and 10 overall steps that go into how their wheels are built.

I know – enough about how the wheels look, you probably wanna know how they feel and ride, right? Alright, let’s go!

For me to truly appreciate the awesomeness of these wheels, I decided for my first test ride I’d use them on my 6-mile commute to work. You may wonder why I wouldn’t want to show off my new wheels and go for a high mile ride, but I’ve done this commute hundreds of times. I know what my limits are, and I know that I’ve pushed myself on this route in the past, so any time improvement could be attributed to the new wheels.

As soon as I clipped into my bike, I could tell that the hard work from the staff at cyclingMOFOS in creating the ultimate wheelset at a fraction of the price had definitely paid off. The buttery Novatec hubs spun freely, and there was little drag or resistance while spinning under load. I’m a solid rider (I still enjoy my pizza and beer) so even with my 200lbs and 6’4’’ frame, I didn’t feel any flex and the response when I powered down was amazing.

Being such a tall rider, cornering isn’t my strong suit, as I can feel unsteady sometimes during a fast curve. The 50mm MOFOS gave me that stiffness and confidence to corner like I’ve never cornered before. I closed my eyes for a second and the sound of the Novatec hub spinning freely paired with the clunk of my gears shifting truly made me feel like I was deeply seeded in the peloton, caressing the hills of a Grand Tour.

As I pulled up to my destination and uploaded my ride, I was pleasantly surprised to see that after riding the same commute time and time again, I had achieved a few PRs. To obtain such results after such a relatively budget-friendly upgrade, I was ecstatic.

Unfortunately, I live in an area that is riddled with a headwind in every direction. The 50mm MOFOS had no issues when it came to cross-wind, and with the aero spokes, the drag resistance seemed to be less that my Mavic Cosmic Elites.

Alright, so my wheels snagged a couple PR’s on my commute, big deal. What about a real ride? I’m a sucker for elevation and climbing. I mean, I live in the heart of California and I’m surrounded by mountains. The MOFOS proved that there “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,” and my quest for elevation was beautifully complimented with the ease of spinning up the mountain with my MOFO50s, which weigh in at just 1500 grams.

To sum up my initial impression, my riding review, and cyclingMOFOS in general, I simply can’t stress much more than, “cyclingMOFOS have made a kick-ass wheelset, for the everyday rider, any crit racer, and those weekend warriors on a budget.” To all the cycling MOFOS out there, if you’re looking for a top tier carbon wheelset that won’t break the bank, look no further because you’ve found them.

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