Vegas was truly "The Devil in Disguise"

 We headed out to a Volleyball tournament in Vegas last weekend so I thought I'd take my bike as we were staying near Red Rocks. Upon arrival we played a few games and then it was too dark to ride. We woke up Saturday morning to a crazy windstorm. There were chairs in the pool, the rain was coming down pretty hard, and it even hailed on our way to lunch.

Sunday morning was dry, but still super windy. I was not going to take my bike and not give her some love. I decided to head out West towards Red Rocks. It was slightly uphill and with the headwind I was only pushing 5-8 mph. It took me 45 minutes to get there which should have taken less than 30. I knew I would run out of time of I did the Red Rock Loop so I snapped a few pics, and headed back. 
The tailwind was my friend and actually had me going way too fast. With the battle of the head and tail wind, my ride pretty much equalled out to a normal average speed for me. I'm glad I got up early and went for a rip.