Mt. Pinos Fraizer Park

 A few weeks ago my wife and I ventured up to Mt. Pinos Blue Trail located at Fraizer Park California. It was our first time up there and since we had the little one, we decided to take turns descending. Since riding the roadway up to the Summit would have taken way too much time, we simply drove up to the Summit and let my wife enjoy the first run. 

It was a beautiful sunny day and temps were perfect. My daughter and I drove back down to trails end and set up our rooftop tent and had a daddy daughter date while we waited for mommy.

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As we heard the freewheel of my wife's bike hum up towards our tent, we were greeted with a large crack of lightening. Within minutes of us putting away the tent, the dark clouds had rolled in and the skies opened up with a downpour of rain.

As we approached the halfway mark, the rain quickly turned to pea sized hail and I was debating on turning back. I'll post a video at the bottom of the adventure. But I drove to the top and took a soaking wet bike off the rack and entered 53 degree temps.

The trail was covered in wet pine needles and made for an interesting descend down. The change in temperature was a pleasant surprise as the scenery had a mystical fog rolling across the mountains.

My wife was debating on whether I would be frozen and needed a ride back down the mountain. She caught me at all 3 road crossings but I declined all offers to quit. She did however get some great pics and videos of me which was nice especially on a solo ride.

Once I reached the trails end, I just wanted to ride it again. But Fasthouse was having a local parking lot sale, and we needed more gear :)