CaliDOMESTIQUE is taking on the 75 HARD challenge


    This challenge is not for the faint of heart. It's 75 disciplined days of strict exercise, diet, and self help. There is a daily checklist that you must complete. Here's the catch, any day you don't complete all the tasks, you start again at day 1. So lets's take a look at what is required daily;

- 1st Workout (45 minutes)

- 2nd Workout (45 minutes) (One MUST be outdoors)

- Daily progress picture

- Read 10 pages of a Non-Fiction book

- Stick to a Diet Plan

- No Alcohol / No Cheat Meals

- Drink 1 Gallon of Water

And that's all you have to do. (Snickering in the background)

I have started a daily video blog of my journey with data overlays from the following sponsors;

MyFitnessPal / Whoop / Hidrate / Garmin

Each daily video has been taking about a minute, so once I hit day 75, I'll post a link to my entire journey. If you have any questions about this Diet/Workout plan, or want to learn more about my tools during this adventure, please leave a comment below in the contact form.