NOW Helmet Zappi review

I got to spend some time with the Zappi lightweight road bike helmet from NOW Helmet and my initial thoughts are... I'm in love.

The Zappi features 32 vents that keep you cool, and feels so lightweight on your head, it'll make you think twice if you're even wearing a helmet at all. The Zappi has gone through extensive wind tunnel testing, and had been tweaked to become the perfect helmet for any rider looking for an edge. It complies with all safety standards and has been designed with speed, comfort, and safety in mind.
NOW lets jump into actually testing the Zappi on some rides. As soon as I put the Zappi on, it fit better than any other helmet that I've ever owned. To be honest, I love the fit of this helmet so much, I haven't even thought about wearing my Giro Synthe or Kask Vertigo since it graced my dome. The weather recently in Southern California has surpassed 100 degrees, and I have not experienced any trapped or unwanted heat under the helmet. With the open airy design, airflow gracefully enters and exits keeping you cool no matter what riding conditions you face. The Zappi was designed to absorb contact from an impact and protect your skull from further damage in the event of a crash. Most helmets on the market have a dense foam that will crack on the outer part of the helmet, where in fact, you need a soft cushion like the Zappi when impact is applied. Luckily enough, a crash was not part of my ride, but the extensive safety testing and design will ensure that this is the safest helmet in the event of an unfortunate crash.
As I took the drops, I got as aero as I possibly could and on a route that I normally take, I slowly watched my speed creep up and up until I started to obtain a pace I normally haven't hit. Once I uploaded my ride, It was refreshing to see that I had captured a few PR's. Looking back on the ride conditions, the only thing that was different was the NOW Helmet.
Zappi will not only look and feel great, I'm almost certain it will attract many looks from everyone you pass.