I found myself sitting at home alone on a Friday night. The sunset quickly approaching, and I didn't want to cycle around my hood. I quickly gathered my things and headed to the hills. My things consisted of, a backpack, and a DSLR camera and headed to the hills.
I parked my car at the bottom of Beachwood Drive in Hollywood, and I started the climb. Silly me, my warm up was immediate climbing. While I was racing the sun to the top of Mt. Lee, I was amazed at how many people were still making the trek up to the Hollywood sign, knowing it would be dark on the way back down. Or maybe not knowing.
I found myself beside the Hollywood sign, and then above it. As the sun set in the West, I setup my mini tripod and hoped for the best.
After I got some decent pics, I loaded back up and headed back down. I was eager to try some quick light painting, and one take with settings I had remembered seemed to do the trick.
Once back on level ground, I cycled down Hollywood Blvd, which by the way is packed on a warm Friday evening, and then back down Sunset.
I realized I hadn't eaten yet, so I made a pit stop at my favorite Canadian comfort food stop for some Poutine.
After pedaling around Hollywood for a bit, I decided to head back home as I was making the 72 mile journey to Long Beach the following day.